Materials For Personal Care




Over 10+ years, our production keeps improving, growing high, and spreading wide. We never stop learning or implementing new experiences in the process. What started as a modest, family-owned packaging manufacturer, today is a proud holding company with a worldwide presence. Overall the company has seen excellent growth in the last couple of years which has complimented with strategic alliance to its suppliers along with aquisitions and developments of assets over the wide range of the Chemicals spectrum and we continue to keep our steps up and up.


The motivation to develop overseas is driven by a need to know our customers better. While exporting our products worldwide for many years, we aimed for a higher level of quality control after customs clearance, inland transportation, marketing, and brand building. Establishing local sole distributors allowed us to ensure the highest quality customer servince and technical service. With the ever-broadening knowledge our experts acquire through such projects, we are able to better understand and support our customers, now and in the future.


We use our complex supply chain and a vast practical know-how to help our customers set up manufacturing facilities and start their own local production. So far, we have helped to built up production lines of liquid detergents, shampoos for numberous customers. Instead of importing finished detergents, these customers can now buy chemical raw materials and packing materials from COSMY at a lower cost, paying less duty, we can support customers effective formulations and production help. Most importantly, such an approach leads to creating more jobs for local communities.






COSMY is the manufacture and supplier of chemicals for personal care to global markets. We offers advice, tailor-made solutions, products registration, supplier audit service to our customers. Understanding the exact requirements of our customers and offer value added service comes first in everything we do.

COSMY is dedicated to our specific business sectors and we are the partners who thinks with you and helps you attain and even exceed your targets based on our knowledge.

Due to our years of experience, combined with excellent knowledge of the market, carefully developed overseas network, we can guarantee the best advice, and the quick delivery in all circumstances to our customers.

Silicone Polymer